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You can believe for healing

You actually have faith! When you were born again you didn’t have a single thing to offer God. You had no history of walking with God. You had no measures of holiness. You came to God just as you were and believed God would save you. You couldn’t see your salvation. You couldn’t feel your salvation. You couldn’t prove your salvation but you passed the greatest test of faith that there is when you believed that God had forgiven you of all your sins and He had saved you.

Now here is a giant step for you – if you believe your sins were forgiven you actually have faith to believe for healing!

Jesus made this point when the 4 friends let a paralysed man through the roof of a house in Capernaum (Mark 2). Jesus initially told the man that his sins had been forgiven but the teachers of the law objected to what they thought was blasphemy since only God could forgive sins. Jesus challenged them by asking if it was easier to say that his sins were forgiven or to tell the paralysed man to pick up his bed and walk.

This was an enigmatic question because humanly speaking it was far easier to say sins were forgiven than see a paralysed man healed. Anyone can declare sins are forgiven and no one would be any the wiser until judgment day. Jesus, however, did something beyond human reasoning and went straight to the root cause of mankind’s disease of soul and body and dealt with this at Golgotha.

Jesus proved to them all, then and there, that He had the authority on earth to forgive sins (v10), something that the teachers of the Law rightly discerned was only a prerogative of God.

So let’s get back to you asking for a healing from God. You have already believed you were forgiven of all your sins, something you can’t see and Jesus proves that this has been done for you by healing you when you ask Him to. Just like you believed your sins (the disease of your soul) were forgiven, believe in exactly the same way that the diseases of your body are healed.

Dear Lord, I ask You to heal me in every area of my life. I ask You to heal me of my sins and heal me of my diseases. I believe that You are my healer and redeemer! Only You can make me whole. I praise You and thank You Jesus. Amen

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