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Official website of Kristina Trott - author of 'The Power You Have Available'

The Power You Have Available

From her experiences of discovering Jesus to beating cancer, Kristina reveals how you can become a catalyst for the releasing of God’s power in your life.

Now available from major online retailers including:
My Story

Kristina Trott refused to read any Christian literature and never associated with Christians. Through her personal study of the Bible, at 47 years of age God opened her mind from an intellectual understanding of who God was and serving Him out of fear, to having a relationship with Him and serving Him out of love.


After 43 years of marriage, her life fell apart when her husband left her for her friend. She succumbed to an aggressive cancer that had metastasised from 2 breast lumps into her lymph nodes and then on to her lungs. She had been given months to live.


Turning to the Bible for answers, she became a firm believer that Jesus must heal today just as He had done 2000 years ago. Her cancer completely disappeared 5 weeks after diagnosis -- immediately after a strong touch of the Holy Spirit. (NB She had commenced conventional medical treatment).


In time she met a man who is gentle, kind-hearted, loving and loyal. Kristina is the mother of six children and an ever-growing number of delightful grandchildren.


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