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#12 Women of God: Sarah

Sarah was an extremely beautiful woman, so much so that Abraham was fearful that men would kill him for her. Two kings, who could choose the finest women in the land, wanted to add her to their harem – once when she was 65 and the other when she was 90! (Gen. 23;10-20; 20:1-16).

Since she died at the age of 127, her lifespan was not entirely dissimilar to ours. There is a village in the desert in Iran that is well known for people living according to millennia old customs and thriving to over 120, but I didn’t see one woman there who didn’t look every bit her advanced age!

I’ve missed the boat for learning about Sarah’s skin care regime in an arid environment, but I do want to know what was so special about her spirit.

Everything I read about her is quite typical of a godly woman—pure, upright, loyal, gentle, quiet, hospitable, respectful of her husband. What is interesting, though, is that “You are her true children, if you do right and don't let anything frighten you (I Pet. 3:6 NCV).

Did you see that? Sarah was noted for all these other things, yes, but above all she was fearless. That means there was no fluttering alarm, no nervous excitement, no terror (Strongs 4423 ptóēsis). Sarah was no weak woman at all!

My next question would be, how was she fearless? What did she do that was courageous?

She left her kith and kin in Ur of the Chaldees and with her husband headed to Canaan, to Egypt and the land of the Philistines, doing the things Abraham bid her do along the way (Gen. 18:6), always respectfully calling him ‘lord’ in her heart (Gen. 18:12). Twice she said the words he put into her mouth and ended up in the harems of kings. At 90 she had the faith and courage to bear a son (Heb. 11:11).

Sarah was a brave woman and as a Christian, I am honoured to be called a “daughter of Sarah” (1 Peter 3:6)! I do not need to fear today, because I know that when Jesus paid the price for me, all my fears disappeared and God gave me " spirit of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control].(2 Tim. 1:7 Amp and adapted to first person).

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