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#43 Hosea’s wife: the bad wife he couldn't let go

Sometimes being obedient to God is really hard. Hosea, the prophet, was asked to live out a painful life as a parable to teach powerful lessons about God.

Gomer was chosen by God for Hosea, as a wife. She was immoral when he met her. She didn’t stop her wanton behaviour but kept on cheating on him, bearing 2 sons and a daughter along the way. Finally, she went off, yet again, with a lover, but this time she wouldn’t return.

That lover deserted her and she was left so destitute that she ended up as a slave. At this point poor heartbroken Hosea was commanded to go and buy her back. The worst thing was, though, he was commanded to love her unconditionally! Love does not have any limits!

God’s relationship with Israel was like that husband and wife parable. Israel was like Gomer – Israel kept forgetting her covenant commitment with God and chased after other gods. Despite her unfaithfulness and shame, ever-faithful God wanted to forgive her and have her back as His beautiful bride. Love does not have any limits!

In our marriage relationships, we are being shown that any marriage can be saved notwithstanding distress and suffering. Where there is forgiveness, love does not have any limits!

In our interpersonal relationships, we know that things can be restored, despite the anguish, but with forgiveness the friendship can be recovered. Love does not have any limits!

Christ’s relationship with us is like a husband and wife parable. Jesus is faithful, forgiving and loving. He paid an expensive price to redeem us from a life of sin. Despite all our sins against Him, He pursues us relentlessly and comes to woo us and fetch us back. He never gives up because love does not have any limits!

“Let those who are wise understand these things. Let those with discernment listen carefully. The paths of the LORD are true and right, and righteous people live by walking in them. But in those paths sinners stumble and fall” (Hos. 14:9 NLT).

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Elina Cheng
Elina Cheng

Really love that! Love doesnot have any limits!

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