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#48 Women of the Bible: Poor Widow

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

There was a woman in the Bible, a woman poor and destitute, who put everything she owned into the temple offering and Jesus noticed. Everyone noticed how much she put in because the metal treasury receptacles were shaped like a trumpet. There was no paper money, just coins and the bigger the coin, the higher the value and the louder the clang as it rolled around the receptacle. The more coins you threw in, the more noise was created.

So Jesus watched the demeanours of the rich people throwing in large amounts. This poor woman dropped in 2 tiny coins. She could’ve kept one of the coins. She wasn’t donating because she had to. She needed that money. She wasn’t giving because the temple police were watching. This amount was so insignificant to them. She was voluntarily there because she wanted to be.

Jesus saw that, although people were giving large amounts out of their abundance, she was giving more out of her want. Jesus was delighted because her attitude was like the very heart of our Father.

Jesus gave us a parable about the generosity of God in Luke 11. He tells us to ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you because He is a good, good Father! If God didn’t hold back giving us His precious Son, He isn’t going to skimp on giving us more if we ask Him.

So Jesus went on to say that if you ask your earthly father for bread or a fish or an egg, he will give you just what you ask for. God, being so much better than an earthly father, will even give you the Holy Spirit if you ask Him. In other words, God’s generosity to us knows no bounds.

So when we look at this poor widow, we see a generosity like the generosity of God and that would have made Jesus smile and bless this widow with the beautiful heart like her Father.

Mark 12:41-44.

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