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A true love story

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

When Jesus is King, 2 amazing things happen. All of His people become princesses and princes and miracles occur. Yesterday we witnessed one of those miracles — a miracle that sprang from the prayers of a little 8 year old girl for a father.

First of all, let’s introduce our princess. She was a Sydney girl now living as a single mother in Queensland.

Our prince was a local man who had diligently cared for his wife for many years until she had died.

The miraculous answer to an 8 year old’s prayer started when Queensland opened the border. Our princess and her precious praying daughter and their dog, popped down to Sydney for a very quick visit to family. A sudden and unexpected COVID breakout at Avalon, however, meant our princess’s family was left stranded and homeless on the Northern Beaches.

With tent in hand, they headed to the Narrabeen campsite where they saw a sign saying “Jesus cares”. They knocked on the door and found that Jesus did indeed care for his princesses and their dog. They received four months of half-priced accommodation on the picturesque lake, with its bonus spectacular sunsets.

Our princesses and their dog met a man who shared an amazing story of our prince and his wife praying for people, seeing people saved and miraculous healings from stage 4 cancer. “I’d love to meet these faithful pray-ers”, our princess thought. ”I need their prayers so I can return to Queensland.” So our princess prayed to meet them.

She didn’t think much more about it and as things went on, she found new accommodation, new sunsets, a new school, new friends, new opportunities and resigned herself to a new life in Sydney once again.

One day, she crossed paths with a neighbour who suggested that she thought it would be fun if our princesses and their dog came to our prince’s home for a house church luncheon.

Our princess was quite amazed and grateful that her prayer had been answered and she was about to meet this couple she had prayed to meet. Her neighbour gently explained that the wife had been very ill for many years and had since gone to be with the Lord.

When our princesses walked in to the luncheon after church, our prince was clearly and evidently gobsmacked. We all realised that something had been ignited in our prince, but no one knew that we were about to be witnessing God answering a little girl’s prayers for a father.

As the weeks rolled on, our two casually started working together in church ministry and unwittingly feelings for one another grew. Our princess began to feel uncomfortable with what she felt were inappropriate feelings for the prince and told him in no uncertain terms that she was ceasing contact with him. At this point our prince declared his feelings for the princess! With their feelings out in the open, the romance had officially begun!

With no restaurants open in the pandemic they regularly kayaked, boated and climbed. In time our prince proposed and his princess readily accepted his offer.

So our prince and his princess were brought together by God through a series of storms and wilderness episodes to a land of milk and honey. God used a coronavirus, a lengthy lockdown, the Queensland Premier Palaszczuk and Mark Zuckerberg – all so that God could answer the prayers of our littlest princess for a father.

We all have a Heavenly Father who cares for us this deeply and intimately. He listens to an 8 year old when she asks Him for a father. He listens to you when you call out His name and make your requests to Him for "God is not very far from every one of us" (Acts 17:27).

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Kathie Ashton
Kathie Ashton
Oct 25, 2021

So happy you are sharing this online, Kris. I'm already sharing it with others as a faith-inspiring true story. Who needs to invent magic stories? hey are already happening under God's mighty control.

Oct 25, 2021
Replying to

It was too good a story not to share. What an amazing answer to prayer!

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