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God wants you to have fun

I’m around water a lot. If I’m not in the ocean I’m kayaking on the lake. I expect Peter, the apostle, saw a lot of things happening in and on the water but I’m betting he wasn’t prepared for seeing Jesus walking on the water towards him in his boat while he was out in the water.

Of all the disciples, Peter always wanted to rush in to things. Remember on the mount of transfiguration how he wanted to build booths so he could celebrate the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Jesus? And Peter was the one who impetuously sliced off the ear of the high priest’s servant.

Knowing how impulsive he was, how do you think Peter would react to seeing Jesus walking towards them on the water? I expect he was excited, and because he trusted Jesus implicitly he just leapt out of that boat, when beckoned, to join in the fun.

Jesus understands that we love fun. Who was the one who went to weddings and feasts? Who was the one who turned water into a noteworthy full-bodied red? Who was the one criticised for being a glutton and a drunkard and not serious and religious? Who nicknamed 2 of his disciples “the sons of thunder” because they wanted to invoke lightning strikes on uncooperative people?

Jesus demonstrated great wit and quips, used hyperbole and exaggeration to make a point memorable, engaged in irony and utilised wordplays and had brilliant retorts to his critics, but above all He appreciated fun.

There is one verse in the Bible that shows us just how exuberant and fun-loving, though, our Saviour God really is. Picture this: “The Lord thy God is in thee; the Mighty One shall save thee: he shall bring joy upon thee, and shall refresh thee with his love; and he shall rejoice over thee with delight as in a day of feasting” (Zeph. 3:17 Brenton Septuagint Translation).

So our Saviour is not a kill-joy. Rather He wants us to have fun and enjoy our lives in Him; to be free of fears and worries and to rest in Him completely. Even when things may look dark and dire here on earth we know that heaven is going to be a place of such unrestrained joy and laughter, a place of unspeakable fun. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh” (Luke 6:21 NIV).

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