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Is the world's future bleak?

In previous blogs I have spoken about God’s wrath at the end of time and in another about the noisy celebratory party in heaven when all the saints get together with Jesus, but today I want to write more about what happens on the earth before both of these great events occur as I believe we are in that time now.

The world is increasingly becoming economically, morally, environmentally and biologically bankrupt. Men are fainting “from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world” (Luke 21:26).

In short, in the future things are going to get a whole lot worse. There is going to be a final world leader who will bring about astounding devastation of global proportions on the earth: famine, death, tribulation and the darkest time in human history. He is known as the Antichrist and he is anti-truth, anti-justice, anti-hope, anti-health, anti-joy, anti-peace, anti-forgiveness and anti-God. There will be deception, immorality, depravity, terrorism and barbarism on a scale never seen before (Dan. 7 – 9, Rev. 4 – 19; 2 Thess. 2).

But this Man of Sin will not be able to operate until the church of Jesus Christ is no longer on the earth. Those who follow Jesus won’t get to experience this desolation because Jesus is coming for them and will gather them in a moment in time in the clouds to meet Him (1 Thess. 4:16-17). The church is going to be celebrating their time with Jesus at a party to end all parties.

Like the Everlasting Father that He is (Isa. 9:6), Jesus loves you so much that He is returning for you. Jesus is all that you’ve ever dreamed a father could be. Jesus is and will be all that you’ve ever wanted from your relationship with your own earthly father. Your Lord and Saviour will forever be perfectly father-like in the way he shepherds and leads you. In Jesus, you will have a perfect father forever.

There is nothing to stop you this day from calling out to Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour and to be your Father. Eternity is so close.

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