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What the healing of the leper can tell you about you being healed

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Are you are so sick that you have no hope. Have the doctors given you no future? Have you reached the end of your tether? Is the scenario in your life bleak and depressing?

There was a man in the Bible in this position (Luke 5:12-15). He was fully covered in such a dreaded skin disease that people were terrified to even touch him. What’s more – he was ostracised because of his disease and had to carry a bell to warn people to keep away from him. The only people he could mix with were his fellow sufferers. No doctor could help him. No medicines could cure him. No religious leader. No person.

Imagine the trauma as he watched his skin go red and lose feeling. Imagine the unsightly non-healing ulcers. Imagine the muscle weakness.

Imagine being so distressed that you broke all the social rules and came to the only person who could help you and threw yourself at His feet. As he bowed face down at Jesus’ feet he acknowledged to Jesus that if He was willing, He could heal him.

What Jesus did next was unprecedented for Jesus actually touched the leper. Jesus, who knew that He had a greater power within Him than what was in the world, told him that He did want to make him clean and immediately the leprosy left the man.

So what 4 things can we learn from this for you to approach Jesus and ask for your healing?

1. Realisation. We need to get to a place of hopelessness that we acknowledge our need.

2. Revelation. We need to realise that only Jesus can save us.

3. Resolution. We need to be so desperate that we turn to Jesus alone.

4. Reaction. Jesus will move from a heart of compassion, acceptance and mercy, draw close to you and will be willing to hear your plea.

You may not be a leper but you have a need. Jesus has His arms open wide to set you free, forgive and restore. Why don’t you pray today:

Jesus, I need you. I give up all my dependence on this world and turn only to You. Please heal me today. Thank You that You are willing to forgive, heal and restore me. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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