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Ministers of fire

Your ministers of fire, Lord,

who travel on the wind;

are busy heeding all Your words,

to bring the harvest in.

Innumerable angels fly,

as You proclaim Your word;

bringing help and comfort to,

the saints whose prayers You’ve heard.

Yes, words of knowledge, visions too,

delivered straight to us;

Your messengers, Your mighty ones,

with words that we can trust.

You send them, Lord, to fight for us,

to lift us in their hands;

transporting us while we’re asleep,

To near and distant lands!

The ministry of angels is,

a vast array of tasks;

ascending and descending with,

whatever Jesus asks.

They heed the spoken word of God,

directly or through us;

to each and every saint assigned,

the devil’s plans to crush!

If we would hear the voice of God,

give voice to what we’ve heard;

angelic helpers rush to aid,

the ones who stoop to serve.

Our intercession opens doors,

for those who have been bound;

authority released through us,

so what was lost is found!

We can’t control these mighty ones,

but we can fuel their fire;

with hearts that burn and love the Lord,

We’ll see His will transpire.

Malcolm Cotton March 2021 used by kind permission.

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