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My husband was healed of Stage IV Alzheimers

I've been writing about believing for healing but we had been battling our own private battle with Pete diagnosed with Stage IV Alzheimer disease. There are 7 stages in total and it was dismaying to watch him rapidly declining.

We believed God would heal him and battled all sorts of negative talk and disbelief. It was really really hard to keep focussed on Jesus and who He is but writing articles about believing that Jesus would heal was one of my tricks to keep my mind and thoughts on what Jesus can do.

So now Pete is healed!

Here’s the video of Pete being prayed for and healed of stage IV Alzheimer disease this month

All praise to Jesus!

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Mar 15

That is wonderful news Kristina.


Anthia Shaw
Anthia Shaw
Feb 27

Incredible. I can already see the difference in Pete in that “after” video. Praise Jesus!

Kristina Trott
Kristina Trott
Mar 10
Replying to

Today his lucidity was acknowledged by several people. There has been a remarkable change but it hasn’t been without the Enemy trying to steal his healing from him.

We have stood firm against the Enemy’s attacks and strongly declare that “Greater is He that is living in Pete than he that is in the world”.

All praises and thanks to Jesus, our Saviour, Deliverer and Healer.

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