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My soul trusts in you

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

“My soul trusts in You; and in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge until these calamities have passed by.” Psa. 57:1

It’s spring here in Sydney and all around us we see birds nesting and raising their young. It’s a time for the infamous black and white magpies to swoop on unsuspecting people entering their territory as they defend their noisy brood of future swoopers. It wouldn’t be a Sydney spring, either, without the triumphant pterodactyl-like shrieking of the massive channel billed cuckoo gloating that it had laid its egg in an unsuspecting bird’s nest.

But let’s think about those baby birds. So vulnerable. So trusting of their parent (or adoptive parent) to bring them enough food to grow into the bird they were destined to be. These defenceless little birds hide under the feathers of their parent and know that they are safe. That their parent will protect them. That their parent won’t abandon them.

And then we read about David facing real difficulties and seeking refuge under the wings of God, just like that baby bird nestling under its parent’s wings. Can you picture the level of trust in God that David is describing? Can you feel the hope David is describing in God to protect him when he was fleeing from the murderous King Saul and was hiding in a cave? David and his band of faithful men were no match for the battle-practised King Saul and his army but David had a Protector on his side who was more than a match for that tyrant.

So you have things going wrong in your life. You failed your exams? You have just received a bad medical report. You are overweight. You have just been told that your employment is about to end. Your husband is having an affair. Maybe you are overwrought with raising kids. Maybe you don’t know how you are going to pay your rent?

Go to your parent. Hide under His wings. Let Him take care of all your cares. Tell Him how much you need His help. Tell Him you are defenceless and you haven’t any answers and watch Him rise up to guard you. To provide for you. To help you in your distress. To protect you.

Rest under His feathers until all your calamities have passed by. That’s the promise that God has given us.

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