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Tears on a stem

He is there in the valley

He is the Lily of the Valley.

He grows in that place

Neither distant nor dismissive but present to feel

Each flower cup hangs down

Stems of tears, shed, like drops

Recognising the place is hard

Their faces don’t shine up into the sun

The light shines dimly and soft in the valley

The shadow comes from His Overshadowing Love

In their fragility and vulnerability the flowers grow low to the ground

He finds us in the vale

And there He brings us bouquets of Himself

Tears on stems of Love

Our tears find expression in Him

They wet the ground of His heart

He receives them as He does us

He knows the pain of this earth

It took the tears of His blood to rend the veil

For us His heart broke

He knows

In the knowing He recognises our fragile frame

Our hearts fail but He comes to us to be our Strength

The Lily of the Valley is His name

His name is Love

RFF 2015 Used by kind permission

Jesus wept. John 11.35

My tears are liquid words, and you can read them all. Psalm 38. 9b TPT

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