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The demons obey us

“When the seventy-two disciples returned, they joyfully reported to him, “Lord, even the demons obey us when we use your name!”

“Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning! Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you. But don’t rejoice because evil spirits obey you; rejoice because your names are registered in heaven” (Luke 10:17-20 NLT).

The demonic realm is real and this is recognised by different cultures the world over. How they deal with demonic oppression or demonic possession varies from culture to culture.

Some cultures will cover their houses with little mirrors to deflect bad spirits from malefactors. Others frustratingly set picture frames askew so that evil spirits have nowhere to settle. A number set up spirit houses replete with food offerings in front of homes and in businesses to keep evil spirits away. Many resort to evil eye jewellery or items to ward off wicked spirits.

Satan may deceive people for a time that this particular shaman, incantation, practice or potion can control bad things happening, but at the end of the day, Satan is still firmly in control.

The only way Satan can be dealt with is through the power in the blood of Jesus. Jesus put Christians on a course of full-on warfare with this malevolent and wicked opponent but it is absolutely critical that we have an unshakeable understanding of the power that has been vested in us through Jesus.

Unless you fully understand your Christ-given authority to overthrow demons (Mk. 16:17) who kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10), you are going to run into trouble. Satan isn’t kind to ditherers!

Believers have been given the power to bind tormenting evil spirits (Matt. 18:18, 16:19). Demonic ruling spirits can take hold of a person to lust, lie, practise promiscuity, be addicted, greedy, angry (at a person rather than a situation), be depressed, be suicidal and murder. Anything that takes control of a person with a compulsive evil desire has a demonic power behind it.

In short, a spirit-filled Christian who understands the power vested in them in the name of Jesus, can order an oppressive evil spirit from a person, either face to face or from a distance. You can simply pray aloud something like:

Our Lord Jesus Christ, you commanded us to set people free from demonic power. I bind that spirit of depression (or whatever the affliction is) under the authority of Jesus Christ. Satan, we speak to you by the blood of Jesus, and we command you to leave ---COME OUT.

The person will now be free. Praise Jesus.

To maintain the freedom from oppression or possession, tell the person to stay away from activities that will give Satan an “in” and to continue walking with Jesus.


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