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The Father’s Heart

I see prodigals returning

to fathers’ open arms;

I see families reunited,

with love a healing balm.

I see guilt and shame retreating

and courage to belong;

A faith to be more vulnerable,

repenting from all wrongs.

The fathers’ hearts are being healed,

and turning for themselves;

A longing for their children grows,

to hold and to be held.

The children are responding now,

to fathers’ open hearts;

So come and join the family now,

to heal the broken parts.

A father’s love will cause a child,

to blossom and to grow;

A dad’s embrace establishes,

the love they need to know.

An absentee, distracted dad,

says I don’t really care;

You don’t really rate in life,

I wish that you weren’t there!

A basic need has not been met,

an orphan mindset formed;

To counterfeits or cannabis,

their hurting hearts are drawn.

The Father’s heart is crying out,

to fathers who have run;

Just like their fathers had before,

He bids to them, just come.

The tide will turn, the curse will break,

when families are reborn;

And fathers loving children well,

will soon become the norm!

Poem by Malcolm Cotton 9.5.21

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