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The Goodness of God #6

I have been impressing the concept of GIFT, Giving It Forward Today, in acts of kindness to another and praying for another’s needs. Today I want to look at why Christians are compelled to be kind to others.

It all boils down to the simple fact that Jesus came to this earth to redeem mankind from sin and the consequences of sin. Sickness is the consequence of sin, and death is the consequence of sickness. Death is not the servant of God and Jesus came to destroy death. “The last enemy that will be destroyed is death” (I Cor. 15:26). The whole purpose of Jesus’ redemption was sinlessness, sicklessness and ultimately deathlessness.

Jesus was immeasurably generous in giving us this dominion over sin, sickness and death and in pure gratitude Christians want to share that love and kindness. This is what Jesus was teaching His people when He was on the earth: to share the goodness of God.

For example, when the multitudes followed him to a desert place near Bethsaida, as the day wore on the crowd became hungry. The disciples came to Jesus to send the people away to get food and Jesus firmly told them, “YOU give them something to eat!” (Luke 9:10-17). In the same way we are called upon to exercise our faith and give to people what they need.

Think about it. The disciples had pretty well nothing in their hand yet Jesus expected them to provide food for 5,000 people. They muttered that they only had 5 loaves and 2 fish and that that was useless to feed so many people so Jesus showed them what He meant and sat the people down and prayed over the 5 loaves and 2 fish. Everyone had more than enough to eat and there were 12 baskets of leftovers.

Like those disciples, we pretty well have nothing in our hand but we can pray for people to share the blessing that Jesus is ever-ready to give. There is no limit to what you can ask for, too. “And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it” (John 14:13-14).

I challenge you to go and Give It Forward Today!

Quotes are from the NKJV.

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