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I was moved today to hear from Pastor Sergey who is in Kyiv, Ukraine. Despite all the death and suffering he is surrounded with, he keeps Emmanuel, ‘God is with us’, ever before his face. He said that if Jesus suffered and died for us, could He leave us now in our suffering? When his world is cruelly crashing down around him, he remembers his Saviour and looks to Him for solace.

What about you? You may not be living in such a life-threatening and frightening situation, but you are living in a world that is falling apart.

I have been reading Reappearing Church by Mark Sayers. His argument is that withdrawal from the presence of God has led to sin resulting in social, political and even religious systems where God is absent. These human systems are driven by the worship of human feelings which creates toxic anxiety at all levels in our society.

Emotional regression from the rejection of community, traditions of moderation and restraint and the devaluing of routine has created a culture of deconstruction.

Mankind has knee-jerk responses to external events and the herd mentality prevails with political correctness and blaming, quick fixes and poor leadership with low emotional maturity.

The antidote to all of this toxicity has to be going to the same source as Pastor Sergey. We will seek the presence of God in our life and just as courageously turn to the mind of God. We will seek after God with our WHOLE heart, mind, soul and strength.

Yes, God is with us through all the turmoils of life. He has given us many promises. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will bear us up on eagle’s wings and we will soar in His presence. No weapon forged against us will prosper. He will be with us until the end of the age.

God is undistracted in His love for you. Give Him your heart, focus on Him and remain undistracted from all that is going on around you and you will have a peace that passes all understanding.

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Apr 04, 2022

I think you are able to concisely reproduce the ailments of this broken world and the antidote remains the same. Close dependent relationship with our Saviour. How good is He.

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