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We are all flawed and imperfect

We are all flawed and imperfect and that doesn’t shock or faze God! The Bible is full of narratives from beginning to end about people who were one minute valiant and exalted and then later on crumbling under fear or sin.

Take Elijah. One moment he was on Mount Carmel calling down fire from heaven and killing the false prophets and priests of Baal and the next moment he has run for his life into the desert and was cowering in fear there. David with a single stone slew the gigantic and fearsome champion of the Philistines yet he later committed adultery, murder and treason. Samson slew a thousand men with just the jaw-bone of a donkey but later fell victim to an unscrupulous prostitute. Peter walked on water but the next moment was sinking into the water.

There are 2 lessons for us in this. Firstly, the battle belongs to God, not us. “I am the Lord All-Powerful. So don’t depend on your own power or strength, but on my Spirit” (Zech. 4:6 CEV).

Secondly, God hates sin, our rebellion against Him, but He loves the sinner. God loves imperfect, hurt and broken people. God delights in working through the ones who acknowledge their failures to Him and are born again into His family. God uses weak vessels, the people the world despises and rejects.

Jesus told a parable about people being invited to a wedding feast. The high and mighty ignored the invitation so the bridegroom extended the invite to all the rejected members of society. That’s us!

There is nothing that can hold you back from accepting Jesus’ invitation to eat with Him in eternity – only you can reject the invitation.

“Those invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb are fortunate!" (Rev. 19:9 HCB).

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