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What to do when God doesn't heal

God has healed you many times in the past. You’ve prayed for people to be healed and seen miracles in front of your eyes, yet this time God hasn’t healed you… yet.

I received a phone call from a friend of a friend who was in exactly this position. She had ignored a growth on her face but now she had discovered that it was a melanoma that was growing rapidly. She and her husband had prayed. She had repented of any sin that may have been present. She rebuked Satan. She had called for prayer from others but nothing was shifting that now unsightly growth. She was despairing.

I reminded her that our time here on earth is to learn more about who God is: that things come upon us in this life so that we can learn more about Him, to learn to trust Him at all times. I told her that up to that point in her life she had been in the primary school of learning about God but now she was in high school. God had graciously given her many answers to prayer in the past to build up her trust in Him, but now she was being tested. Her faith was going to have to be moved up a few notches.

We know God heals today but there comes a point when God wants you to really demonstrate your faith: to believe against all the odds that Jesus is your Healer.

I had seen healings in my life. I had had a migraine headache instantly vanish on command to leave in Jesus’ name. I had been pulled out of several hundred people to have a blood disorder healed. I had had a newly discovered heart abnormality instantly healed after prayer. I had been in primary school for learning about faith but it was in high school that I got Stage IV cancer with months to live.

I stood on the faith that had been built up in the past and declared, without any doubt whatsoever, that I would be healed and, in 6 weeks from diagnosis, only the cancer scars on my lungs remained. (You can read all about the journey in my book, The Power You Have Available.)

So I said to that lady and I say to you, build up your faith. Read your Bible. Listen to podcasts about healing. Get into prayer. Don’t leave any room for doubt in your heart and our God will prove that He is Yahweh Ropheka, the Eternal who heals (Exodus 15:25-26).

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