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Why did God make you?

Do you ever wonder why you are here and what life is all about? My husband, Pete, spent 12 years traipsing the cultures and religions of this world trying to find this answer.

Humans conceive and birth children and then watch children grow to maturity. We tend to feel like we are the centre of a creative hub but this isn’t the reason we were created.

Imagine we are at the beginning of time. God had a purpose and intelligence with creating the whole universe. For 6 days God created the entire universe and man wasn’t even there. God divided the days, created fish, put stars, moons and planets in the heavens, made animals, birds, reptiles, formed rivers and oceans and no human got to see any of this happening. The whole world had all been created before man even materialised.

It wasn’t until Day 6 when the Godhead said, “Let us make man in our own image” that man appeared. Why? For what purpose was man created? Why did God wait until Day 6 to introduce man? God could have supernaturally met all of man’s needs for just 6 days. Why didn’t man get to see the whole world being created?

Man was uniquely made with feelings, emotions and will so he could be like God. People were made to be relational, between male and female, with a unique capacity to be relational with God. It was never about the beautiful world and all the fun things that man could enjoy in it, even though God doesn’t deny us those pleasures.

The consummate day was the 7th day, a day that was made sacred. We were created for the 7th day. God was telling His creatures made on the 6th day that they were made for something that was separate to anything else: they were made to be holy. You were made to join God in His sacredness and to enter the rest of the 7th day.

Paul tells us that “God’s promise of entering his rest still stands” (Heb. 4:1) so that everything is leading to a day of rest and holiness with our God.

When you understand the purpose of the Sabbath Day, everything in this life will fade into the background. All the day to day things that consume our thoughts are irrelevant in the light of that dawning day of holiness. The universe has purpose and meaning. We are not accidentally here.

So Pete climbed mountains in Tibet, Nepal, Africa. He rafted down the headwaters of the Amazon. He lived with indigenous people and experienced human interpretations of who God must be. It wasn’t until he discovered Jesus that he found all the answers he had risked his life searching for. He burnt all the artefacts in his possession that were not of God and has unwaveringly followed Jesus for the rest of his life.

Look forward to being a part of that future Sabbath Day!

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