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Have you ever been betrayed?

Have you ever been betrayed? David was and he was so overwhelmed that he blurted out, “All men are liars” (Psa. 116:11).

David had been monumentally betrayed by his best friend and perhaps you, too, have felt the same despair from the treachery of a friend. David said that he felt close to death (v3), that he was surrounded by trouble and sorrow, that he cried profusely (v8) and that he was greatly afflicted (V10).

Sooner or later we all will be affected by a deceptive friend to a greater or lesser extent. The closer the friend the harder the pain and David has given us a heartfelt description of how it feels when a friend deceives us and turns against us.

So what did David do? He cried out to God to hear him and deliver him from his despair. And God did! God was ever faithful and gracious to David who turned to God in childlike faith (v5).

God gave David an escape route from all his troubles and his bonds were loosed: his chains were unshackled (v16). Whether or not God reversed the effects of the friend’s deception, the treachery no longer owned David and he was free. David handed the pain to God and his soul was free – unlike people who are so angry about something someone did to them that they remain bitter and twisted forever after.

David argued that even in the worst case scenario, and if he were to die from his friend’s treachery, God would still be faithful to him because God highly values those who love Him (v15). In saying that David is admitting that no matter what, you will win. The apostle Paul puts it this way, “Whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s” (Rom. 14:8).

David speaks to himself and says therefore, that his soul should rest because God deals generously with him (v7) at all times.

In return, what does David offer to God for all His blessings? He says that he will accept God’s offer of salvation, pray to Him, keep his promises to God and thank Him (v13-14, v17-18). For all the immense benefits of having God attend to our cries to help, this is all we can do in return!

Here’s the message for us. Even in the darkest, most despairing time in our lives, all we have to do is trust in God for help. He loves you and just wants you to call upon His name.

“Praise the LORD!” (Psa. 116:19).

*Quotes from NKJV

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