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Leading people to Jesus

Billy Graham spent his lifetime telling people about Jesus yet he felt that his preaching could’ve emphasised more about the cross and the blood of Christ. His reason? Because that is where the power is.

Let’s unpack what Billy Graham meant when he said that the cross and the blood are where the power is.

The cross showed what is due to each and every person who sins. That’s the reality of what even one “small” sin means. Let’s be clear —there are no gradations of sin. Sin is sin. Sin, in any shape or form, is so abhorrent to our holy God that He demands its complete destruction, and that means death to every single person on earth.

We all deserve to die. None of us are free from sin. Yet Jesus willingly took all of our sins and suffered our penalty.

He cancelled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross” (Col.2:14).

We are declared righteous only because of the cross. We couldn’t do a single thing to make ourselves free of sin. Jesus , in an action that expressed God’s deep love for us, gave us the gift of forgiveness of sins. In exchange Jesus gave us His reward for living perfectly without sin. We can now live as holy and blameless sons and daughters of the ever-living God.

There was power in the cross. Power to conquer sin and death for all those who make Jesus their Lord. Power to make us holy.

Jesus’ blood washed away every sin — every evil thought, every deception, falsehood, all unrighteous anger, behaviour, all criminal actions, all wickedness — everything that separates us from a pure and holy God.

It is the power of the blood that lifts us out of a meaningless and hopeless existence and transports us into heavenly places, seated beside Jesus (Eph. 2:6).

“This, the power of the cross:

Christ became sin for us,

Took the blame, bore the wrath:

We stand forgiven at the cross”.

Bible quotes from NLT.

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