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Prayer that shapes history

Before Jesus returned to heaven He gave us the keys to His kingdom, first to Peter and then to us. We have been empowered to have dominion on the earth and to make the earth look like Heaven. We do this through the power of prayer.

Our prayers are not pleas for God to fix our world. We do not need to beg. We have become the beloved children of God and we can address God as our Father. The King of the universe wants us to make prophetic declarations in our prayers, calling into being what is not, binding what is already bound in heaven and loosing what is already loosed on earth.

Our words create our worlds and if our words are His, our world will look like His world. For this reason we can pray for and declare healing. We can pray for and declare salvation. We can pray for and declare the healing of relationships or emotional traumas.

When we add “Amen” to our prayers we are declaring “So be it!” “Let it be so”. “Let it happen”.

Once you have prayed something, and given the positive affirmation at the end that it will happen, there is no room for you to go back and worry or stress about a matter. God has it. Now all you have to do is to continue to believe God for the answer to that prayer. This is faith.

You may not receive your answer instantly. Not everyone in the New Testament was healed instantly. The 10 lepers were sent away while they were still covered in leprosy to show themselves to the priest that they were healed. It was only as they went that they were healed. How many days did Daniel pray before the angel Gabriel appeared to him and answered his prayer? How many years did Abraham wait for the promise of an heir through Sarah?

My message today is that once you have prayed for something, stand strong in your faith and believe it will happen. God doesn’t want a double-minded man who prays in one instance and then goes away and bemoans his situation and worries and stresses. Stand firm in your belief that God hears your prayers and will attend to them.

To read more on this subject, please read my book, “The Power You Have Available”.

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1 Comment

Georgia Judge
Aug 08, 2023

Yes, stand strong in youf faith believing God will answer. If we do not pray with expectation then why bother to pray. faith is believing God will do what he says he will do. the time f ame is his the faith is ours.

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