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People who have been forgotten

Have you got a problem that hampers you and gives you no quality of life? Do you think that nobody cares that you are debilitated or afflicted? Do you think God has forgotten you?

There was a bent-over woman in Jesus’ day who hadn’t been able to stand upright for 18 years. When Jesus saw her listening to His teaching He called her to Him. Can you imagine how slowly she would’ve gotten up and shuffled towards the Saviour?

Jesus looked at her with compassion and spoke in faith that she would be released from her infirmity. At that stage nothing had changed in her physical condition. She bent in front of her Saviour expectant that her day of deliverance had come. Then Jesus put His hands on her and immediately she was able to stand straight and she praised God.

Your problem hasn’t been forgotten by Jesus. Just like He noticed the bent-over woman He notices you with your problem, even before you declare anything to Him. Listen to Jesus calling you to come to Him, He is waiting. He will wait and wait until you come and your burden has gone. No matter what you have been through or what you have done, Jesus is waiting.

Don’t think that this miracle was just for the first century, either! I was teaching lessons on becoming a Christian and there was an elderly woman who hadn’t been able to stand erect for decades. I wasn’t aware that she had that particular problem as I hadn’t noticed her coming in.

During prayer for her to be touched by the Holy Spirit she suddenly started shouting loudly and yelling in Maltese, I think it was. Her daughter explained that her mother hadn’t been able to stand upright for decades and now she was able to stand erect and move about freely.

The woman’s story ends with “All the people rejoiced at the wonderful things he did” (Luke 13:17 NLT). God’s plan for your life is that people will look at you and praise Him for the wonderful work He has done in you.

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