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Transformation from hopelessness and pain

Updated: Mar 16

If you’ve ever suffered ghastly betrayal and loss in your life you know what I’m talking about when I talk about the loneliness and inexorability of pain. But I’ve friends who’ve fared far far worse. One endured unspeakably wicked brutality at the hands of a malevolent regime - simply because he was so talented. How could you ever surface from such horror?

How helpless and powerless you are when people betray and torment you! How very alone you feel in your suffering. But what if you had lost everything you held dear?

God was once helpless and powerless like this but He CHOSE those circumstances. He CHOSE to lose everything so that you could gain everything you lost. Because He knows suffering He can offer solace to the afflicted soul and promises a compassion that has eluded the poor and broken in this world.

My friend is scarred from his experience but when he turned to Jesus, Jesus poured His balm on his soul and he has started to heal. I was excited to receive this poem that he recently penned for me. (English is his third fluent language!) Here is someone who knows suffering and has come to know and trust in Jesus.


In the darkness of the night,

I hear the footsteps of Jesus, so light,

His path is solemn, his face so grim,

His voice echoes, as he mourns for our fate.

His eyes pierce through the veil of time,

As he sees the world steeped in crime,

He weeps for the lost and the broken,

For those who suffer, unheard and unspoken.

His heart aches for the souls in despair,

For those who search but find no repair,

He bears the weight of our guilt and despair,

And offers salvation, but it seems so rare.

He used to write about the travail, anguish and hopelessness of the soul but now he’s trusting in Jesus who suffered for us to be saved and now he’s seeing hope. He's emerging from the tomb of misery and desolation.

As he wrote to me, "Loving Jesus isn't a duty of the religious. He is like a light that cannot be unnoticed and not loved. He brought the savage mindset of humanity to civility and forgiveness".

Jesus can succour you, too. It just takes you turning to Him and asking Him.

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All quotations are from the NLT.

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