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A case where healing happened during communion

In my book, The Power You Have Available, I wrote a chapter on the power for healing that is in having communion. As you take the bread and focus on the stripes of Jesus beating Jesus’ body, and believing that those stripes have taken away disease and sickness on your body, many people have been healed of their diseases.

I was excited to hear of another case last week. A married couple both got COVID and were feeling very ill and even vomiting.

The wife listened to a song about communion and realised its significance for healing. Whereas the wine represented Jesus’ blood for the forgiveness of our sins, the bread represented Jesus’ body which was beaten to take all of our diseases and sicknesses. Even though she felt nauseous the wife decided to take communion regardless and believed she would be healed.

Immediately the nausea left and she felt hungry. She started eating while her husband continued to feel very ill and vomit.

What makes this miracle all the more amazing was that the husband was triple vaccinated while the wife was totally unvaccinated.

How completely and utterly Jesus has reached into our world of sin and suffering and offered us freedom. There is really no limit to his mercy and compassion to those who were left cursed after Adam’s sin.

The Gospel isn’t a place for getting all you can from God and focussing on the self. Rather, in receiving so generously from God for our sins and our diseases, it puts us in a place for recognising the incredible generosity of God and praising Him for His faithfulness and kindness to us in our weakness and helplessness.

Receiving so abundantly from God causes us to give generously back to God and to others. It’s gratitude to our Saviour that propels people to live dangerously in order to spread the love and compassion of God and preach the Gospel in word and deed all over the world.

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